Heat the home economically with a uniquely beautiful tile stove, fireplace!

To build a tile stove is a very wise choice in today's world.
Firstly it is economical, as you decide how to heat up your home. Economical as thanks to the good thermal storage capacity of the tiles the stoves require little fuel. Due to the closed combustion chamber stoves are completely safe and at the same time ensure the independence of the mercy of the utility service for the family.

With the headway of the comfortable central heating the tile stoves slowly their popularity enjoyed in grandmothers’ era but today more and more people are returning to this sparing and extremely charming heating mode. Due to rising gas prices and geopolitical uncertainties the conventional heating methods are becoming more popular, a tiled stove resolve satisfactorily even complete detachment from the utility service.

Are you also thinking over the question of individual heating?

Szentesi cserépkályha, kályhacsempe

Some reasons for choosing the heating stoves:

Your heating bill might reduce even up to 40%!

- The tile stove or fireplace of your dreams can be chosen from a huge assortment.

- The tile stove is not only a heater but a unique décor of your home.

- It is a healthy, environmental friendly and simple method of heating.

- Even total independency can be reached from utility services; the heating costs only the yearly price of the firewood.

Get to know the most favourable options before making a decision!

Why choose us?

- You can buy directly from the manufacturer.

- Uniquely, 10-year warranty is granted on the stove tiles manufactured by us.

- We offer German quality stove tiles with exceptional accuracy.

- A wide assortment of more than 30 colours and rich selection of forms.

- The time of delivery is about 4 weeks and even in case a brand new product it does not exceed 6 weeks, as our team does its best to minimise it.

- Individual requests, motives and logos can also be fulfilled.

- We offer reliable stove builders and specialists throughout the country.

However before undertaking the make-up of a tile stove a few basic things are worth to look; first the basic technical issues to clarify and our own heating habits to assess.

- Is there a chimney in the building where the stoves can be connected to? If there is, is it appropriate to the operation of the stove, considering the height, the diameter, and the technical condition?

- Are there any special regulations at your place to observe?

- One or more room are to be heated with the tile stove, what is the size of the area to be heated?

- Where will the stove be erected, is the load capacity of the floor appropriate?

- Will the stove be used occasionally or permanently?

- What additional elements are required to the stove (eg. large glass door, daily firewood storage, etc.)?

- Is there enough space to store firewood?

If you have any questions, please call our experts
, or visit our showroom where you can view our tile stoves. Here we can offer you reliable stove builders as well.