Company Information

German quality stove tiles at Hungarian prices

Our company, Marosinvest Ltd. was founded in 2005 in Szentes. While manufacturing glazed ceramic products to the German market we decided to make our quality products available to customers in Hungary.

Szentesi cserépkályha, kályhacsempe, MarosinvestOur 1050 m2 production hall was built in a greenfield investment, where our precisely dimensioned and exactly tailored stove tiles are manufactured with the most advanced casting technology.

In 2015 our production facility was expanded with a new production hall for glazed products, ensuring the necessary space and infrastructure to meet the increased demand.

Our tiles – meeting the highest German standards and demands – were developed specifically considering the needs and expectations of stove builders and buyers.

To build the most excellent stoves is guaranteed by the precise dimensions, accurate joints and the uniformity of tile edges. We do not accept any compromise in quality; we purposed the highest category.
- No uneven grout lines.
- No sloping tiles.
- Perfectly identical, bright colours.
- With a 10-year warranty.

Thanks to the excellent quality the durability of our stove tiles is very high: the stove tile itself is practically immortal, so feel free to undertake the 10-year warranty on stove tiles manufactured by us.*

Wide assortment, individual needs

Important characteristic of our stove tiles is the adequacy to our very strict internal standards concerning not only the dimensions but the colours. Thus the individual tiles are in 100% colour-identical resulting in a beautifully uniform, bright-coloured surface.

There are tiles available in more than 30 different colours and in several shapes to dream up your own stove and our assortment is expanding continuously. In terms of design so far three product lines have been developed with units combinable with the others thus giving the opportunity to decorate your home with a personalised stove tile.

Besides we are glad to meet individual needs: we are ready to manufacture your own patters, your family coat-of-arm or emblems!

Attention! The lifetime of a tile stove is equally dependent from the proper way of firing, the quality of the building materials and tiles and the right set-up. Our Guarantee is valid only for the stove tiles manufactured by us, the stove as a whole therefore is ruled out.

The largest fireplace and tiled stove showroom in the country

In our showroom all the products associated with the tile stoves or the firing technology are available in exclusive circumstances. Thus all the accessories necessary to build and maintain a stove can be purchased from us in one place.

In addition, we are happy to serve the professional issues: our staff can help you in choosing stove tile, stoves, fireplaces, and we are pleased to offer stove builder from among our reliable, experienced masters close at hand!

The products are manufactured by us in ISO certified system, according to regulations of Hungarian Standard MSZ 21512:2006 or to our significantly more stringent internal regulations, with ÉMI (Technical Construction Industrial) license.

Szentesi cserépkályha, kályhacsempe, MarosinvestSzentesi cserépkályha, kályhacsempe, Marosinvest