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They say about us

Szentesi cserépkályha, kályhacsempe, kandalló
"I know nothing of tile stove only that they are beautiful, economical, and I have to have one. Thank God in the showroom I learned all that interested and they helped to choose stove builder. Owing to the quick reaction of the people in Szentes the stove was built in the spring, so I could try it out in off-season."
Mrs. Imréné Laki

"We wanted to renovate our old tile stove but during setting-up a few tiles turned out to be broken. Therefore, to the proposal of our stove builder we contacted the showroom of Tile Stove Factory of Szentes, where they undertook to manufacture the missing tiles on base of the colour patterns. To our pleasure, the same shade was obtained. Since then we have been delighting in the ornament of our dwelling and have been having warm from our stove."
Mrs. Sándorné Lezsák

"We decided during home renovation so that we want to build a stove. We visited the tile showroom of Tile Stove Factory of Szentes, where we chose the most adequate tile for us with the help of the professionals. We have had many ideas, which greatly helped in developing our conception. The exterior of the stove perfectly fits the style of our house."
Mrs. Éva Kis