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Let's go outdoors

Szentesi cserépkályhaGood weather is approaching slowly but surely. And that’s good. On the one hand it spares our heating bill on the other hand we can spend more time outdoors. A couple of weeks and it’s time clean up the tiles stoves and ignite the garden furnaces and barbecues.

In our showroom all the accessories are available which are necessary to create a kitchen comfort outdoor: from simple mobile supports to hold the fire and the kettle to classic furnaces our any combinations of these.

Our stove builder partners are on firm ground in this area too as the essence of the outdoor solid fuel devices is in all cases the well-designed combustion chamber, as well as of the tile stoves.

All are welcome! You may come just to look around, ask for advice, but we also can offer solutions to specific ideas in any case.

All should keep in mind that there will be autumn and winter even this year, when there certainly will be a need again of warm inside, so the planning of the stove can be started in which we are partners in depth.


Select colour or invent one!

From the tiles of the Tile Stove Factory of Szentes you can build a stove in colour you desire! For us nothing is impossible, only your imagination limits in what colour the cheerfully humming cosy tiled stove will be built at your home.

Show a sample and we fire the tile to the colour meeting the sample. Be it a fragment from the grandma’s curtain, a stained bead or even a painted stripe on a paper.

While selecting a stove, one of the most important aesthetic aspects is the colour. If it should be single-coloured or not. Beyond the primary colours there are a lot of shades existing which are quite difficult to define verbally. For sake of example just a few to mention: absinthe green, steel blue, agate grey, Adriatic blue, blue-berry blue, cranberry red, clay colour, acacia violet, berill, alabaster white, apple red, apple green, aloe vera green, packfong grey, Alpine white, aluminium grey, Amazon green, amethyst purple, pine apple yellow, anise blue, anthracite grey, Antwerp blue, golden ochre, golden yellow, shadow grey, viola purple, arsenic yellow, asphalt blue, Atlantic blue, leaf-litter colour, avocado green, azure blue, etc.

We at the Tile Stove Factory of Szentes know very well that it is not an easy choice. Many people hunt for so called conventional colours, the stove green, potter grey but the different shades of white and the earth colours are also popular. Of course, adapting to the modern world such colours can be found as pit-black but meeting individual request we have already created tiles in colours that the customer invented.

Test us, order your unique colour Stove.

Our stove tiles represent a very high quality and are granted a 10 year warranty to them. Beyond we can propose doors and even professionals to your stove. Of course all the accessory and auxiliary materials necessary for building the stove can be found by us. In case of a particular request we can calculate a price for the complete work, in which the current discounts also can be vindicated.